Friday, December 7, 2012

Still excited

I'm still excited about Monday's radio blog show where I hope to keep my foot out of my mouth. But today I must do tax returns.  Monday is the tax deadline for many entities like Corporations and Partnership business.  So it's off to work I go.

Yesterday was Thursday painting class and I started a new painting.  I love blocking in the painting, deciding colors, using big brushes letting my creative side figure out what goes where.  Building up the painting after the block in requires much more concentration.

I did drop off the new painting at the photographers yesterday and I didn't hear anything about him being to busy at home to do the job.  Thank goodness.  And he thinks he can everything done for me on Tuesday.

So off to work.  I'll post an art blog soon.  Happy Friday.

Bears - Oil on Canvas  by Laura Curtin
Detail of "Spring in Bear Country"

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