Friday, December 7, 2012


I love my yard. We moved into our house in January 2005. The previous owner John, was a true gardner, he loved his yard.  He planted plumeria and roses, perennials and annuals.  He cultivated orchids of all colors. Our neighbor, Oscar was a good friend of Johns and together they cross bred different plumeria for unusual colors and fragrance.

I started photographing the flowers in my yard the first spring we lived here and I can't stop. The trees are the same trees year after year and the roses the same colors but I am fascinated with them. I was just downloading some flower pictures to post here and tried to show them to my husband but he said he has seen so many he couldn't look at them.

Plumeria - Photo by Laura Curtin

I can't figure out my obsession with the flowers.  Is it the same obsession that keeps me painting beautiful places and colors?  Is it the perfection in nature, the pleasing fragrance, all the colors in the world?  Did you know that every color goes with green?

Roses - Photo  by Laura Curtin

I could post photo after photo of the flowers in my yard but luckily I already post a couple hundred I like best on my etsy page and my website. Which, Dan has all finished now.  Please take a minute to look and see if you are just as flower crazy as I am.

Roses - Photo  by Laura Curtin

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