Friday, December 7, 2012

Photos That Fit the Pictures in my Head

I feel really fortunate when I can use my own photos to paint.  I'm not a big traveler and when we do go on a trip it's usually to one coast or another.  I got lucky taking photos of horses in a field when my husband and I stayed in San Luis Obispo, CA .  Kevin was napping and I went out with my camera to see if I could find some flowers.  There was a large group of horses way across a field.  I called and called to get their attention but they just ate grass.  I did take some photos with my zoom but the horses were so far away the photos were only ok.

I went around back of the hotel looking for flowers and came across this field.  It was nearly 7 pm and the sun was just going behind the mountain and the field was reverse lit. The dark shady area was in the back and the front of the field was very bright.

Inspiration for 3 foals in a field

I took this picture then turned and noticed a mare with her two foals had come across the field to drink water from a stream near me.  When I moved around they got very skittish so I had to be still.

Inspiration for 3 foals in a field

I took these photos and about 30 more and was able to use my own photos for a painting for a change.

Inspiration for three foals in a field

I get a certain satisfaction having the painting come to me rather than how I usually have to chase the photos that fit the images in my head.

Inspiration for three foals in a field

I did turn one of the foals around and changed the background some.  I took out old trees and bad fences.

Horses - Oil on Canvas by Laura Curtin
Three Foals in a Field

The painting turned out similar to how I felt seeing the beautiful horses in that setting at the time.  

San Luis Obispo is a nice place to visit.  If you've never been there here is one of the city's websites. 

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