Monday, September 17, 2012

New Date for Blog Radio

Well the blog radio show didn't happen today as planned.  The host was ill. The show is rescheduled for next Monday September 24 at 6 pm EST.  My friend Greg called me and disguised his voice like he was from the radio show and fooled me into thinking someone else was going to do the interview.  Funny.

Chimpanzees - Oil on Canvas  by Laura Curtin

The last of my business tax clients came in today and picked up their tax returns so I could file them by the deadline.  Now I am free to paint tomorrow.  I have big windows at the office and great overhead lighting, it's a wonderful space to paint and there is air conditioning.

I hope my work is ready to pick up from the photographer tomorrow. I am really excited to premier the new painting, "Cougar Ledge." He may also have the transparencies turned into digital images so I'll be able to post those soon too.  Well off to bed.

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