Monday, September 10, 2012

Crazy is in the Details

I finished my new painting today.  I had to call it quits.  Enough is enough.  I kept track this time 114 hours on the new painting and I didn't sign it yet.  (So you can't see it yet.) If you paint or do projects you probably know what I mean.  The details of the painting never end.  A few years ago I did two theme paintings, big cats on fancy beds in garden settings. Sounds weird but the results were cool.  Anyway, the reason I brought them up is, in Koshi's Garden to the left of the bed there are steps.  The steps are little tiny rocks.

Lion - Oil on Canvas  by Laura Curtin

I was nearing the end of this painting and I was putting in shadows and highlights on all the little gravel rocks on those stairs and I thought to myself that I might be a little crazy.  I was at the very least making myself crazy with detail.

Lion - Oil on Canvas  by Laura Curtin

I like the results.  The steps belong in the painting.  I mean I already put a Cougar on a black lacquer bed with gilded dragon finials so what's the big deal with all those rocks. At this point in the painting I realized I was done. No matter what else I could see, what small detail might be left, I was done painting this painting.

That's the point I got to today.  No more moss and scale on rocks, no more little hairs on their faces, 114 hours is enough for the new painting.  I think I'm crazy, a slight case of OCA (Obsessive Compulsive Artist) maybe?  I'm now free again and on to the next painting obsession.

You might as well see the other Cat on a bed in this theme set. This is Jasmine Garden. Jasmine is a real tiger that lives in Pasa Robles California in a place called Zoo to You. This is a wonderful animal rescue center that takes in abused and abandoned exotic animals.

Tiger - Oil on Canvas  by Laura Curtin

Well I'm off to my own bed now.  Not quite the gilded beds in these fantasy places but nice.  If you would like to look at the website for Zoo to You it's here:

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I am helping to support a great animal rescue center with portions of my sales from my Etsy sales site.  I am giving 10% of all sales to this fantastic animal rescue center.

Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

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