Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chloe, the Exotic Wild Cat

This is Chloe!  Isn't she beautiful!  I received my sponsor package from Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary this week along with a picture of Chloe a rescued American Bob Cat.

Inspiration for Laura Curtin

According to the Sanctuary, Chloe arrived at Forever Wild on June 21, 2009 at an approximate age of 8 weeks old.  She was a little handful for her first set of rescuers that found her abandoned on a roof of a school.  The local animal services called the center to take her in so that she would not face having to be put down.  Unfortunately for her, she was to young for most rehab facilities to try to teach her to be a wild bobcat or fend for herself.  As of yet, humans have not been able to perfect how to raise very young wild cats to be wild enough to survie without being imprinted in someway. This would not be good for Chloe.  She was old enough to not need mom's milk but had not been taught by mom to hunt.  She was very healthy and a tuff little cookie.  

Inspiration for Laura Curtin

At one point, this little girl’s life was a big question mark.  Now the she has found her way to Forever Wild they have promised her nothing but happy days, unlimited food supply and many humans to serve her every need.
Since Chloe is no longer a baby, she has a new best friend and roommate Boogie. But don't let her princess look fool you, she likes to play ruff with Boogie and show him who is boss of the enclosure even if she is half his size.
I was introduced to The Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary in a odd way.  We had an electronics company come to our house to hang a tv and rewire some video connections.  The business owner, James Almquist, is the brother of the one of the founders of the Animal Sanctuary.  We started talking about my paintings and he told me about his family always taking in wild animals.  He relayed how his home would have a monkey and birds and other exotics.  He then told me about his brother Joel and the Sanctuary, how Extreme Makeover Ty Pennington was so moved by the way the Almquist family was living with nothing and giving all to the animals that the center was remade by the show. Here is short video about the makeover. 
 I looked up the center right away and made friends with them on facebook.
I've been reading about the founders of the Sanctuary and the volunteers, what they sacrifice for animals and all of the time they donate.  I've connected with two of the volunteers on facebook and they are always taking in to their own home a bird or dogs or any other animal in need.  These are people that have jobs and families yet find the time to help.  
Right now these are the items on their wish list. 
Check it out.  Sponsor an animal. Maybe you can find a way to help.  
Here is a small portion of a bobcat and kestrel painting I did last year.  I love the kitties.
Inspired by Chloe the bobcat
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Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

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