Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"How to Paint Cats Eyes"

I finally started filming a painting video. "How to Paint Cats Eyes."  It was much easier than I imagined it might be.  I suppose that statement makes sense in many aspects of life. I feel relaxed painting. I don't think I've ever minded people watching me paint. Writing this I remember about 20 years ago participating in a Mall art show, setting up my easel and painting all day. I had so much fun. I remember the kids being so interested in painting, asking questions.  I think I was painting a cougar. Wow I forgot all about that. Anyway. It will take awhile for the video to be finished.  I have to let the paint dry between layers then add audio.

I'm going to make as many How to Paint video's that I can think of, how to paint fur, how to paint ears, noses and paws.  Then I can start making videos of painting dogs and on and on.  It'll be fun for me. Maybe not so much for my kind brother David who's filming all the videos.  If you like the finished product maybe you might have something you want filmed by my kind brother Dave.  I'm hoping he'll read this so he can see how much I appreciate him.

Cat's Eyes - Oil on Canvas by Laura Curtin

Here is the first layer of Chloe's eyes. Next Monday we'll film more. I'm so excited.

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