Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Took Time Off

I took this weekend off from working.  No painting, no etsy, no blogging, no taxes. Actually that last sentence is a lie.  Saturday morning I updated esty listings and it's Sunday night and I'm writing this blog. But I didn't paint and I didn't do anybody's taxes. I will do both of those things tomorrow. It seems like I've been painting, updating and blogging every day since we opened the Etsy Store.

A month ago I made reservations for my husband and I to go to Pala Indian Casino and the timing was great.  Saturday morning we drove the I-5 south towards Oceanside California.  Lucky for us we had bumper to bumper traffic from San Clemente all the way south. We stopped at the reststop just past San Onofre power plant for a short break from traffic.  Nice view from here.

Me at our hotel room

We arrived at the casino early in the afternoon and I suppose I should have just cashed in a bunch of bills when I walked in to the casino and threw them in the air.  I like to sit at the penny machines and play for a while but I didn't bring any luck with me this trip. 

We had a great room with a mountain view, a jacuzzi tub and dinner reservations at the Oak room.     

Our hotel room view

So no luck winning any jackpots but I really had a nice time getting a little diversion from Work.  I'm back at it now and will post art tips soon.  

Me heading to the casino!

Dan, my son is putting together a new website for me that is going to be killer.  I'll let you know when it is up so you can check it out.

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